What is Shisha?

​Shisha is where flavoured tabacco is burnt using charcoal through what's known as a shisha pipe usually made out of glass. It's an enjoyable experience for both individuals or groups. Shisha smoking is often more of a social or communal activity as the shisha would be shared.
**There is only the smallest amount of tabacco within the flavours and is said to be a better alternative to smoking the usual way, much like 'Vapes'.
The History

Shisha or 'Hookah' as some say, orginated in areas such as  India, Turkey and Egypt, where by the look and shape of the pipes differed depending on location. Shisha was usually an after dinner communal experience. The smoking culture did die down until more recently where Turkish coffee cafes first bought them back to life. Bringing a flavour of the middle east right to our doorsteps.

The Trend

Shisha has gone global and most countries around the world have a few shisha lounges that have opened. Growing ever popular in the UK as well as in America. Smokers and non-smokers enjoy visiting shisha bars for more the social aspect as well as the experience.

The Menu

Do take a look at the flavours we have on offer, or try a mix? Our friendly staff will be happy to recommend flavours that suit your tastes.

Opening Hours:

From 6pm-10pm

Book or Enquire

If it's something that interests you or if you would like to come and try, please do get in touch with us. Weekends do tend to be busier, we recommend booking your place in advance.


Monday           - 6pm - 10pm

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